Design a Guest Room Your Friends Will Never Want to Leave

You love your home and you love our friends. That is why, you love having your friends at home. But the era of sleepovers when you invited your buddies and you all slept on the floor in the living room or in a castle you created by yourself is gone.
Now you need to act like the grown up you are and invite them in a beautifully designed, wonderfully organized, comfy, and lovely place. hotel-1330841_960_720But how to do this? How to create a room your guests will never want to leave?

Practicality vs Design

Yeah, you would like to make this room a masterpiece. Every piece of furniture as well as all the bits and pieces there need to be fancy and sophisticated. But if you consider just for a second how one of your guests would feel if the lamp goes from the floor to the ceiling in a strange and creative, but super unpractical way? How would he feel indeed? Well, most probably he would hate it as every reading of a book will end up in pointless tries and million efforts. So find the balance and always think for the practicality of the place you are furnishing.

Care & Attention to the Details

There is a common situation, which is indeed every guest’s nightmare, as well. You are arriving at the home of your friends and you have told them in advance that you will sleep over. However, though they are aware of this fact, they are super unprepared. And now you need to change bed sheets and tidy up the room so that you can fall asleep. This is disaster. Much better would it be if a well-organized room, clean sheets, a few towels, tooth paste and brush, etc. were waiting for you.