Bring the Louvre at Home: Create Your Own Gallery

You have that fond memory of Paris few years ago. The city of love and the city of lights in its true magnificence. Wonderful walks along Seine, fancy meals in charmingly small restaurants, macaroons at every corner, tourists, photos, houses of famous people, but not commercially famous like today, houses of Picasso, Hemingway, Stain, Fitzgerald, houses where magic happened, museums with high ceilings and million things to see and galleries like no other in the world.louvre-102840_960_720
You still keep this memory together with the smells of the fabulous perfumes on Champs Elyse, the sensation if the chilly wind around the river and the feeling that you have touched the history itself and you have lived in the past at least a little. And now back to the reality you want to recreate this at home. But nothing like the random Eifel Tower touristic sculpture allures you. You need something more. You need to make a gallery like the Parisian ones at home.


Choose the best photos of yours first. If you want to create that retro style, you can make it black and white. This is always sassy and always lovely. In addition, you may choose some pieces of art. The reproductions of famous artists’ works are on completely reasonable prices and are totally worthy. Last but not least, ask your kids or nephews to draw something for you. It will be abstract. It will be real and it will be touching.


You then need frames, but never choose the same size. You are recreating a gallery and not a museum. It would be nice is the style is one and the same as well as the color. Then spread the framed photos and other pieces around and enjoy.