Travelling, people, emotions, soul-mates

What do you travel for? You like flying? You love art and museums and masterpieces, galleries and the still silence in it? You like tubes and crowds and people with books, and phones and newspapers? You like the sights and you dream of that moment you will get close to the sky on the Empire State Building, on the Eiffel Tower? You like the small streets and huge highways, you like getting lost, sitting in a cafe in a small town in Italy, drinking espresso that awakes you and gives you more pleasure than any other couple of sips in the world?
You are travelling because all of these, aren’t you? rp_desert-864988_960_720-300x200.jpgBut most of all you are travelling because of the people. Because of those you share adventures and experiences, memories, moments of joys and sorrow, of happiness and exhaustment. The people you will share the silence on that bench in a park somewhere abroad, a person, whose hand you will be holding the entire time, while the plane is landing. You will make him some space in your bed, in your arms, but in your heart as well. The friendships and love get stronger on board. The relationships get more real, the feelings more enthralling. But travelling is for those who wander, as well. They meet people and make friends, they talk about things far deeper than the weather. They have cultures different and strange, but those cultures interact as well. “In this life you will need most of all people”, someone told me years ago and I was sceptically thinking that I am strong and brave enough to cope with everything on my own. While you are travelling you will need more than all people, could I tell you now a lot older and a lot wiser. They make all the charm.