Cleaning Tips

How Often and How Deeply You Need to Clean Your Bed?

Your bedroom is your sacred place. Your shelter and your home. The place you are most honest, most you and most calm. It is not just the bed, the sheets and the blankets. It is the emotions. It is the tranquility, the shared joy and the shared anger. It is a reflection of yourself, your life, your style, your love and your devotions. The bedroom is more than a room and more than a space. It is a place in your heart and in your house, as well. rp_bed-1090440_960_720-300x199.jpgAnd it is valuable.
It is important. But just like everything you love, you need to take care of this place, as well. You need to maintain it and always keep in the perfect condition possible. You need to do your best and to make the efforts needed so that this room looks always that perfect. But its core and its soul is indeed the bed and you need to make sure it is in wonderful condition at any moment, because otherwise this place you adore so much could bring you allergies and infections. And this is the last thing you want.

So once a month, take your time and take care of the bed. First and indeed most important is the mattress, which accumulates dust and dirt through the time. So you can use the most random, but effective cleaning product – the baking soda. Mix it with some water and make a paste. Then scrub it onto the mattress and get rid of all the dust and the grime. When you are done, you need to change the bed sheets, of course. Wash them and arrange them nicely together with blankets, pillows and cushions. This place will become the heaven itself.