How Often and How Deeply You Need to Clean Your Bed?

Your bedroom is your sacred place. Your shelter and your home. The place you are most honest, most you and most calm. It is not just the bed, the sheets and the blankets. It is the emotions. It is the tranquility, the shared joy and the shared anger. It is a reflection of yourself, your life, your style, your love and your devotions. The bedroom is more than a room and more than a space. It is a place in your heart and in your house, as well. rp_bed-1090440_960_720-300x199.jpgAnd it is valuable.
It is important. But just like everything you love, you need to take care of this place, as well. You need to maintain it and always keep in the perfect condition possible. You need to do your best and to make the efforts needed so that this room looks always that perfect. But its core and its soul is indeed the bed and you need to make sure it is in wonderful condition at any moment, because otherwise this place you adore so much could bring you allergies and infections. And this is the last thing you want.

So once a month, take your time and take care of the bed. First and indeed most important is the mattress, which accumulates dust and dirt through the time. So you can use the most random, but effective cleaning product – the baking soda. Mix it with some water and make a paste. Then scrub it onto the mattress and get rid of all the dust and the grime. When you are done, you need to change the bed sheets, of course. Wash them and arrange them nicely together with blankets, pillows and cushions. This place will become the heaven itself.

Design a Guest Room Your Friends Will Never Want to Leave

You love your home and you love our friends. That is why, you love having your friends at home. But the era of sleepovers when you invited your buddies and you all slept on the floor in the living room or in a castle you created by yourself is gone.
Now you need to act like the grown up you are and invite them in a beautifully designed, wonderfully organized, comfy, and lovely place. hotel-1330841_960_720But how to do this? How to create a room your guests will never want to leave?

Practicality vs Design

Yeah, you would like to make this room a masterpiece. Every piece of furniture as well as all the bits and pieces there need to be fancy and sophisticated. But if you consider just for a second how one of your guests would feel if the lamp goes from the floor to the ceiling in a strange and creative, but super unpractical way? How would he feel indeed? Well, most probably he would hate it as every reading of a book will end up in pointless tries and million efforts. So find the balance and always think for the practicality of the place you are furnishing.

Care & Attention to the Details

There is a common situation, which is indeed every guest’s nightmare, as well. You are arriving at the home of your friends and you have told them in advance that you will sleep over. However, though they are aware of this fact, they are super unprepared. And now you need to change bed sheets and tidy up the room so that you can fall asleep. This is disaster. Much better would it be if a well-organized room, clean sheets, a few towels, tooth paste and brush, etc. were waiting for you.

Travelling, people, emotions, soul-mates

What do you travel for? You like flying? You love art and museums and masterpieces, galleries and the still silence in it? You like tubes and crowds and people with books, and phones and newspapers? You like the sights and you dream of that moment you will get close to the sky on the Empire State Building, on the Eiffel Tower? You like the small streets and huge highways, you like getting lost, sitting in a cafe in a small town in Italy, drinking espresso that awakes you and gives you more pleasure than any other couple of sips in the world?
You are travelling because all of these, aren’t you? rp_desert-864988_960_720-300x200.jpgBut most of all you are travelling because of the people. Because of those you share adventures and experiences, memories, moments of joys and sorrow, of happiness and exhaustment. The people you will share the silence on that bench in a park somewhere abroad, a person, whose hand you will be holding the entire time, while the plane is landing. You will make him some space in your bed, in your arms, but in your heart as well. The friendships and love get stronger on board. The relationships get more real, the feelings more enthralling. But travelling is for those who wander, as well. They meet people and make friends, they talk about things far deeper than the weather. They have cultures different and strange, but those cultures interact as well. “In this life you will need most of all people”, someone told me years ago and I was sceptically thinking that I am strong and brave enough to cope with everything on my own. While you are travelling you will need more than all people, could I tell you now a lot older and a lot wiser. They make all the charm.

Bring the Louvre at Home: Create Your Own Gallery

You have that fond memory of Paris few years ago. The city of love and the city of lights in its true magnificence. Wonderful walks along Seine, fancy meals in charmingly small restaurants, macaroons at every corner, tourists, photos, houses of famous people, but not commercially famous like today, houses of Picasso, Hemingway, Stain, Fitzgerald, houses where magic happened, museums with high ceilings and million things to see and galleries like no other in the world.louvre-102840_960_720
You still keep this memory together with the smells of the fabulous perfumes on Champs Elyse, the sensation if the chilly wind around the river and the feeling that you have touched the history itself and you have lived in the past at least a little. And now back to the reality you want to recreate this at home. But nothing like the random Eifel Tower touristic sculpture allures you. You need something more. You need to make a gallery like the Parisian ones at home.


Choose the best photos of yours first. If you want to create that retro style, you can make it black and white. This is always sassy and always lovely. In addition, you may choose some pieces of art. The reproductions of famous artists’ works are on completely reasonable prices and are totally worthy. Last but not least, ask your kids or nephews to draw something for you. It will be abstract. It will be real and it will be touching.


You then need frames, but never choose the same size. You are recreating a gallery and not a museum. It would be nice is the style is one and the same as well as the color. Then spread the framed photos and other pieces around and enjoy.